Application for Consideration to Purchase from Glidin' High Sugar Gliders

Please note that application forms are not a contract on anyone's part. Filling out an application form does not guarantee you a glider. It is my assurance that my gliders find the best homes possible. Please answer the application honestly. If you don't know an answer, simply tell me so! I'd rather educate than have someone look for a good answer and pretend they know. Telling me you don't know an answer does not in any way disqualify you as an approved home!
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**Please note: if you are under 18, I must have signed parental consent AND they must sign the contract!
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Do you have a glider vet? Yes  No  Need help locating one! 
How long have you known about sugar gliders? What first got you interested in them?
What type of research have you done on sugar gliders?
Have you owned a glider before? What happened to them?
Do you currently own any gliders? If yes, please list age, gender and where they're from:
Do you plan to introduce this new glider to another? If so, please list the intendeds age, gender and planned introduction strategies:
Are you aware of the different bonding techniques? Which do you plan to use? How much daily time will you spend with your glider?
Do you have other pets? If yes, please list type, age, gender and any interaction they may have with a glider.
Diet Choice: BML HPW Priscillas Suncoast
Other *if other, please see next question!
If you chose other, please explain:
Pet or Breeding? Pet  Breeding
If you intend to breed, are you aware of all that it entails? What research have you done on breeding?
If you get a male as a pet only, will you neuter? Yes  No  Undecided
What type of cage will your glider have? How big is it? What types of accessories, toys, etc. do you have for the cage?
Where will the cage be?
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Comments: (please include information such as the name of the joey you may be interested in, or sex and color of a joey you'd like.